We design and deliver Education in life and Business that actually works.

We activate brainpower in individuals and their businesses, positively changing lives.

Our Purpose

Your reason to choose us.​

We know that the ability to live out the potential in both personal and professional life is reliant on one having access to the relevant skills and knowledge to do so.

We believe everyone has the right to learn the skills required to succeed in life and business.

Our Vision

Your Future

Our vision is to grow the life and business skills of all children, youth and adults (including technical and vocational skills) so that they are empowered to live out their personal and professional potential.

We actively grow the life and business skills of everyday people, just like yourself, by unlocking the brainpower in all people we work with.

Our Mission

Your Journey

Our mission is to activate growth in all people, empowering them to improve their; quality of life, their communities and businesses, increasing inner freedom and creating life satisfaction levels.

By improving the way education is designed, delivered and  experienced we open up opportunities for our learners to live and work in ways that best suit them and their life vision.

Some of our purpose projects

We drive innovation and entrepreneurship in education through…
Educational leadership

It is easy for educators to grow stagnant and stuck in systems that firstly focus on compliance, assessment and student output. We believe that the learner’s needs and learners’ experiences should be the number one focus of our educators. We set out to empower and reignite the fire in the bellies of our educators with new ways of educating and tools to support their personal and professional growth to continue to be better educators for their learners.

Innovative business education

The work is changing at a rapid pace, to keep up individuals need to be able to adapt and embrace change.
We believe all people have a right to know fundamental life and business skills, that enable them to embrace lifelong learning, innovation and entrepreneurship to be able to take design their work and build a better world.

Our innovative education solutions in life and business skills equip our learners with the skills and knowledge to know how to drive their own success in life and business.

Hands-on life relevant educational design and delivery
Educational consultancy - we motivate to focus on the learner experience
Upskilling education leaders in 21st-century skills
Unique personalised educational coaching programs, courses and qualifications that set a new standard for innovative education

We specialise in the design, development and delivery of educational coaching programsin Learning, Business & Life leadership.

Our services

Your Possibilities

We offer innovative education-based solutions for all stages of business and life leadership.

We believe life is our playground, and work is our way to play. Here are some of the ways you can come and play with us!

"It will cost you nothing to dream and everything not to follow through and do"

– Adapted from Will Rodgers.

Coach Me

We offer a range of educational coaching services for all leaders in life, people starting out in business, those looking to grow, workplace leaders and the everyday individual looking to improve their quality of life.

Design Create Me

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Educate Me

Learn, Play and Grow with our unique and innovative education.Learn, Play and Grow with our unique and innovative education.

Qualify Me

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Our Certifications

Our tools, techniques and educational coaching strategies are backed by the latest findings in positive and educational psychology, conversational intelligence and educational neuroscience.

Just some of the areas our educational leaders are certified in are:

Our cool Clients

The majority of our clients continue working with us, long after their initial project with us has concluded. We pride ourselves on long-term relations with our clients. We aim to evolve with you.

Just some of our cool clients

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