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Welcome to Learning Coach, Australia’s sole Skills Coaching Platform & College, dedicated to providing bespoke learning experiences to activate your personal and professional growth.

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At Learning Coach, we believe in the transformative power of learning. That’s why we’ve developed a unique Skills Coaching methodology that combines real-world skills, education and coaching to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to achieve your goals.

Whether you’re a young child embarking on your educational journey, a dedicated youth seeking to develop crucial real-work skills, or a seasoned adult looking to take your career to the next level, or an organisation aiming to offer something that actually works, our comprehensive suite of services has something for you.

We build Skills, Learning Coach the ultimate level of learning

We Build Skills.

Your reason to choose us.​

At Learning Coach, we understand that success in the modern world requires more than just theoretical knowledge—it demands practical skills and expertise.

That’s why we’re committed to building real-world skills that empower our learners to excel in their chosen fields.

Our learning experiences are carefully crafted to bridge the gap between education and industry, focusing on actionable learning that prepares you for success in work and business. Whether you’re looking to enhance your employability, advance your career, or drive organizational growth, our programs are tailored to help you achieve your goals and exceed expectations in the future of work.


From Zero to Hero: Your Skills Coaching Adventure

Skill Up, Buttercup!:

Your Possibilities

We believe life is our playground, and work is our way to play. There are so many ways you can come and play with us!

We offer innovative educational coaching solutions for all ages and stages of business and life leadership including:

  • Business start-up coaching
  • Digital business coaching (Websites, Social & online ads)
  • Inclusivity, Diversity & Workplace Culture
  • Recruitment & Career Coaching
  • Kids Coaching
Your Vision, The reason we will help you, Learning Coach

"It will cost you nothing to dream and everything not to follow through and do"

– Adapted from Will Rodgers.

We aim to Change the Way People

Learn your way with Learnivation

Unleash Potential : Grow with Us

Coach Me

We offer a range of coaching services for all leaders in life, people starting out in business, those looking to grow, workplace leaders and the everyday individual looking to improve their quality of life. Our Coaching is offered 1 on 1 and within small coaching circles tailered to the skills you or your organisation aims to build.

Create Me

Outsource your Learning & Development (L&D) stuff to us! As leaders in innovative L&D we can help you design and deliver unique learning experiences that meet the needs of both your organisation and it's learners!

Educate Me

Learn, Play and Grow with our unique educational experiences backed by coaching models and methods and purely focused on skills development and actionable outcomes. We offer accredited and non-accredited learning experiences tailered to your individual needs.

Qualify Me

Gain nationally recognised competencies, skillsets and qualifications through recognising your strengths, skills and experiences.
We work with you, to certify your real-world experience, projects, programs with nationally qualifications and or their skillsets.

Learner Centric Education will take charge of the future

In a world often dominated by compliance, assessment, and standardised outputs, it’s common to feel stagnant and trapped. At Learning Coach, we challenge this status quo. We firmly believe that learners’ needs and experiences should take centre stage in all educational experiences.

Our mission is to empower and reignite the passion within educators and their designers. We design, deliver and teach educational leaders  educational coaching tools and unique coaching approaches to support their personal and professional development. Ultimately we aim to positively influence the way they do education. 

By equipping educators with new strategies, we aim enable them to create exceptional learning environments and experiences that truly cater to the needs of their learners.

Join us in embracing a learner-centric approach that sparks curiosity, fosters growth, and ignites the flame within both educators and learners. Together, let’s redefine the future of education.

Skill up for Future Success

Workplaces are changing at a rapid pace. To keep up individuals need to be able to adapt and embrace change. We believe all people have a right to know fundamental life and business skills. The skills that enable them to make informed life choices and the ‘know-how’ to drive their own success in life and business.

Our new digital learning platform opens the opportunity for all to embrace lifelong learning, innovation and entrepreneurship, so they can take charge of their lives, design their work and build a better world.

Our innovative education solutions build life and business skills. We equip our learners with the ‘know-how’ to drive their own success in life and business.

Our Certifications

Our tools, techniques and educational coaching strategies are backed by the latest findings in positive and educational psychology, conversational intelligence and educational neuroscience.

Just some of the areas our educational leaders are certified in are:

Our Cool Clients

The majority of our clients continue working with us, long after their initial project with us has concluded. We pride ourselves on long-term relations with our clients. We aim to evolve with you.


Just some of our cool client collaborations

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Danielle was extremely helpful in mentoring me through the practices and qualities behind small business management, and has greatly helped me in implementing new policies and knowledge in my business.
Ronan Prescott
Ronan Prescott
I completed a TAFE Certificate IV in Small Business Management with Dani as a Tutor and was impressed throughout with her ability to break down the many moving parts of owning a small business into concepts that were easy to digest and learn. Dani also went above and beyond outside the course to answer any questions that I had. Can't recommend this course enough under Dani's tutelage for small business owners.
Peter Fowler
Peter Fowler
Dani was a blessing to work with. She was a fantastic listener and able to extract information from round-table discussions, identify the needs and incorporate them into tasks to execute as part of an action plan. With a flexible, easy-going approach and highly organised, she provided a great structure to work with, as well as tips, templates and resources to help us achieve our business goals. Thanks Dani 🙂
Nikki Mackenzie
Nikki Mackenzie
I have been on individual business sessions with Dani for over the year now. It has been the best investment in my business! She has many strengths, but I mention two I like the most. First is- she listens to you very carefully. She can pick up all the essential stuff and know how to help you grow. The second strength is she has such a wide range of knowledge. Even though I do not give her my questions in advance, she is always familiar with a topic, even the specific one related to my product and industry. A business mentor is a must-have when establishing a startup (and a good idea when you want to take your business to the next level). It helps you, helps your product be better, and saves you from many disappointments (and saves your money too). Dani is everything you are looking for in a coach and more.
Zuzana Vachalek
Zuzana Vachalek
Danielle was fantastic in supporting, understanding and challenging our business ideas. With clarity and direction our salon now has the right business plan to move forward and grow. Very grateful for the expert advice, highly recommend Danielle to achieve your goals and take your business to the next level.
Brendon and Belinda Smith
Brendon and Belinda Smith
Danielle delivers excellent business strategy sessions, and her feedback is very valuable - I'd highly recommended her services.
Graeme Smyth
Graeme Smyth
Danielle was incredible at understanding my business and providing feedback and insight to help guide my strategy
Bronte Cresswell
Bronte Cresswell

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